Dramatherapy and Psychodrama

Dramatherapy and Psychodrama have been an accepted part of NHS services for the past 30 years.

They are seen as a gentle, yet effective way of working with a range of emotional and psychological problems

Dramatherapists are professionally trained and work in a range of settings.

No previous experience or acting ability is needed to take part in Dramatherapy.

Dramatherapists are trained to work at their clients pace, only using drama when it helps the process of communication and understanding.

Difficult or painful experiences are explored indirectly using metaphors and symbols, allowing strengths to emerge rather than taking away defenses.

Dramatherapists work in a variety of settings:

  • in general health and social care settings
  • In schools
  • in mental health settings
  • in prisons
  • in the voluntary sector

More information here

For more information about dramatherapy please visit the British Association of Dramatherapists here

For further information regarding registration with Health Professions Council, please visit their website -here

New  Dramatherapy and Psychodrama workshops in Devon starting Autumn 2013 Click this link

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