Publications and productions

Recent television, articles, and podcast productions

Sherbersky, H., & Gill, M. (Forthcoming). Action methods in supervision – an integrative practice approach in Embodied Approaches to Supervision: The Listening Body edited by C., Butté & T., Colbert. Taylor & Francis.

Sherbersky, H., Ziminski, J. and Pote, H. (2021). The journey towards digital systemic competence: Thoughts on training, supervision and competence evaluation. Journal of Family Therapy. info

Reibstein, J. and Sherbersky, H. (Forthcoming). Manualising the Exeter Model: Couple Therapy for Depression – A Behavioural-Systemic Approach in Systemic Approaches To Psychotherapy Manuals -Integrating Research Practice And Training edited by P., Stratton, M., Mariotti, & G., Saba. EFTA-Springer Book Series

Parke, C., Smithson, J., Limond, J., Sherbersky, H., & Butler, C. (2020). Student and Supervisor Experiences of the Systemic Practice Scale (SPS): A Discourse Analysis. Journal of Family Therapy. info

Sherbersky, H., & Gill, M. (2020). Creative action techniques in supervision. IFTA Special Edition. Journal of Family Psychotherapy. info

Paired. A new couple App Launching in September 2020. Links to several articles and courses written and presented by Martin Gill and Hannah Sherbersky

Sherbersky, H (2019) ‘I Blame my Parents’. BBC 3 Documentary. See BBC site here. See YouTube here.

Gill, M (2019) Intercultural Therapy Training video. Professor Janet Reibstein and Reenee Singh. 20 short films for training in systemic practice based on the Exeter Model for couples designed by Janet Reibstein and Hannah Sherbersky.

Gill, M (2019) Family Interventions for Psychosis training videos. Frank Burbach and Hannah Sherbersky. NHS commission to produce 16 short training videos for training in the FIP model of family therapy.

Gill, M (2016) Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. Professor Susanne Lord. A podcast introducing the use of mindfulness in family therapy practice.

Gill, M & Sherbersky. H (2015) SCORE 15 Training films Association of Family Therapy. An AFT approved measure of family functioning. A series of video podcasts, designed to help clinicians to understand and use the SCORE 15 measure. The films are now part of the Association of Family Therapy digital resources webpage.

Gill, M. (2013) Devon and Cornwall Police. Training film. The role of the Integrated Offender Management team. IOM. A 20-minute film produced with prolific offenders and police officers to show how a therapeutic understanding of offending behaviour can lead to a reduction in crime. The film was presented to the Chief constable and other senior police commissioners in 2015.

Gill. M (2010) IDAP Domestic violence reduction programme video training programme. Ministry of Justice.

Publications (most of these articles are published in peer reviewed journals).

Sherbersky, H. (2018) ‘A Home for Lost Dummies.’ Psychotherapy Review. No. 62: Winter 2018. The Psychologist. See here.

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