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New Appointment for Hannah Autumn 2022

We are delighted to announce that Hannah has been appointed as the CEO of the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice. Link here

AFT Conference 2022

Martin and Hannah are each presenting workshops at the 2022 Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice Conference in Leeds from 28th-29th September.

Hannah’s presentation will be on Attachment Based Family Therapy developments in the South West of England.  An international collaboration: Implementing and evaluating an attachment informed philosophy and practice to adolescent inpatient units with the ABFT and University of Exeter team. Link Here

Martin will be presenting an action methods workshop based on the ideas of pioneering family therapist and writer Virginia Satir. Virginia Satir Old Wisdom New Action Link Here

Paired. A couple App September 2020

Martin and Hannah have produced a Partners and Parents course as part of this exciting new online development. We also produced a free course for partners and families who were struggling during the Covid pandemic.

Citation: Sherbersky, H., & Gill, M. (2020). Partners and Parents Course. Paired App. © 2020, Better Half Ltd. info

International Family Therapy Association August 2020 publication.

We are delighted to have recently published an article in this leading international Family Therapy Journal.

Here’s the link

Sherbersky, H. & Gill, M. (2020) Creative Supervision in Action. Journal of Family Psychotherapy. See here.

Sherbersky, H., & Gill, M. . Action methods in supervision – an integrative practice approach in Embodied Approaches to Supervision: The Listening Body edited by C., Butté & T., Colbert. Taylor & Francis.

Reibstein, J. and Sherbersky, H.  Manualising the Exeter Model: Couple Therapy for Depression – A Behavioural-Systemic Approach in Systemic Approaches To Psychotherapy Manuals -Integrating Research Practice And Training edited by P., Stratton, M., Mariotti, & G., Saba. EFTA-Springer Book Series

Parke, C., Smithson, J., Limond, J., Sherbersky, H., & Butler, C. (2019). Student and Supervisor Experiences of the Systemic Practice Scale (SPS): A Discourse Analysis. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Creative Systemic Supervision in Action.

4th February 2020. Cedar Unit. Exeter University. 10-4.30pm

An exploration of action methods in systemic supervision. Every time we expand a role, we empower ourselves and take another step towards a coherent whole (White, 2011). Many consider that our well-being can be measured by the number of roles or selves we can encompass. Each of these integrated roles gives us another possible set of responses to the world around us. In this workshop, Hannah, a family therapist and Martin, a psychodramatist, explore the three types of role conceptualised within psychodrama: somatic, social and psychodramatic (Moreno, 1953) and how these can be utilized and inform a systemic supervisory context. Hannah and Martin will demonstrate how, through the use of experiential exercises, supervisees can safely explore their role patterns within supervision and start to understand their own defensive positions that may impede and constrict their clinical practice. The event will be presented by Martin Gill and Hannah Sherbersky.

Research and Relationships

18th June. 2020

Hannah Sherbersky and Arlene Vetere.

This event provides a unique opportunity to explore and consider clinical research and systemic practice, from both a practical and philosophical position. Is systemic training intrinsically research training and if there is so much common ground, why is research often seen as so difficult and unrewarding? We will review some of the significant issues in family therapy outcome research, and consider the benefits of practice research networks. During the workshop, we will identify common barriers to clinical research and explore how to encourage practitioners to take a more active part in designing and conducting research. This experiential workshop will explore your relationship to research, enable opportunities to consider your own ideas and research questions, and draw out the ways in which systemic research continues to shape and inform your clinical practice.


International Family Therapy Association World Congress -Basel-2020 Cancelled

INTERNATIONAL FAMILY THERAPY CONFEFRENCER PRESENTATION 2020 International conference of family therapy in Basel, Switzerland.

Martin and Hannah will be presenting their latest ideas on the use of action methods in supervision to an international group of systemic and family therapists.

Follow this link for more information

BBC 3 Documentary: I blame my parents.

Launching in January 2019. Family therapist Hannah works with a mother and daughter showing the approach in action.

More information

International Family Therapy Association World Congress – Scotland – 2019

Hannah and Martin presented Creative Supervision.

The Supervision Track in the 2019 World Family Therapy Congress is designed to meet the workshop requirements for those seeking to accrue the hours for the Certified Systemic Supervisor (CSS) credential. These seven workshops and other scattered throughout the program are all eligible for use in pursuing the academic requirements of the CSS certification. The Supervision Track will take place on Thursday March 28, 2019.

More information

Supervision for the helping professions

Institute of Family Therapy London– More information here.

Thursday and Friday 22nd and 23rd November, 2018

Presenters include: Barry Mason and John Burnham, Matthew Ganda, Barbara McKay, Hannah Sherbersky and Martin Gill

Hannah Sherbersky and Martin Gill: Get out of your chair! Clinical supervision in action.

This training provided practical skills in actions methods and demonstrates the compatibility of action methods with the competencies identified in the supervision of psychological therapies framework (Roth & Pilling, 2009). Our aim is to strengthen and extend existing supervision practice within multi-disciplinary contexts.

Intercultural Family Therapy

Training Film. Directed and produced Martin Gill

Summer 2019 Martin produced a series of twenty training videos to support the new Wiley Intercultural Couple therapy publication for therapist training by Prof. Janet Reibstein and Dr. Reenee Singh.

SW Family Therapy Forum Friday, 7th December 2018

Annual Dillington Christmas CPD Event

Workshop presentation by Martin and Mark Rivette based on dramatherapy and family therapy perspectives.

Hannah is now Programme lead for the following training at Exeter University.

Clinical Education Development and Research (CEDAR)

Clinical Education Development and Research

Systemic Supervision Course

New Specialist Training in Systemic Supervision.

This course is delivered by a team of highly experienced systemic trainers and teachers, with input from those recognised nationally in the field.

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