We welcome your feedback.  If we have worked with you and would like to contribute to our testimonials page please send us an email and we will ensure that your identity is kept confidential. All names have been changed in the testamonials below to preserve confidentiality.

About couple therapy;

“My partner isn’t someone who would have ever considered talking about his feelings or going to see a therapist. We saw  Martin in Exeter for several weekly sessions.   I can now see how our problems and my partner’s depression were something we could do something about. I didn’t reallise that my feelings and moods matter too.   I wish we had come sooner!  Thank you!”

“Our relationship was having problems for a long time.We went to lots of therapists but Martin was great. He helped us to understand the patterns we have created, How these everyday behaviours have helped keep us stuck. Change isn’t easy but I’m now looking at my relationship as something I can change rather than feel angry or sad about. Thank you”

About family therapy;

“I was scared of family therapy – I imagined I’d be blamed for being a bad mother.

There are three of us at home now – older parents with an 18 year old son, Toby. Life was so tense and angry so much of the time with him, especially between Toby and me. Toby felt his late diagnosed severe dyslexia was ruining his chances in life – he had thought he would sail through academically, as his older brother had. He dealt with this by frantic partying, smoking lots of cannabis, a cry for help suicide attempt, and being very angry at home. I felt I was taking on all the management and discipline of him, and always had, and was angry with Colin, my husband for not doing any of the hard parts of bringing Toby up. Colin thought I was too controlling and had stopped having any fun with Toby. We all knew we really cared about each other, but it didn’t show in everyday life and it was so painful for all of us.

Seeing Hannah, the family therapist, allowed us to all stop blaming each other; not instantly, but over time. She showed us how everyone was responding in ways that they genuinely thought were for the best, but had got stuck in those ways and couldn’t see alternatives. Toby came to the first session, but not the subsequent three, but that was fine – it was good for Colin and me to talk together. Hannah suggested that Colin and I swap roles – he was to do all the management of Toby and I was to relax and enjoy being with him. Re-learning roles was hard at first, but has become quite natural now. And it’s worked! We enjoy being together most of the time now – we have fun and enjoy talking to each other. Life is so much lighter and more relaxed. Our eldest son was flabbergasted by the improvement in family dynamics when he came home at Christmas.

And it’s great to know Hannah is there for backup if we need further support later.

All names have been changed. Written by Toby’s mother with kind permission from the whole family.

About training;

“By far one of the best, practical two day trainings to support my clinical practice.” (Clinical Psychologist, Cardiff 2016)

“Hannah and Martin’s pace is just right. The right mix of experiential hands on and theory” (Psychiatrist. Bristol)

“Brilliant, I came away feeling inspired and refreshed!” (Adult Mental Health Nurse)

“I usually expect to take away one or two new ideas from a training day but I’ve left this workshop feeling I’ve been shown how to develop my practice in a completely new and intuitive way. thank you for a much needed enjoyable space to explore and learn new skills!”

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